Valentines day

Ok, whats all this bollocks about?

Firstly, if anyone these days even cares that it is named after St Valentine, they could be forgiven for thinking that he must be the patron saint of greetings cards. It has after all, been hijacked by the greedy corporate card companies, in order to fill a lull in the market between Christmas and Easter.

The legend has it that St Valentine, a priest from Rome, was arrested after secretly marrying Christian couples in the third century AD.

As helping Christians was considered a crime, St Valentine was imprisoned and while in jail he attempted to convert the emperor Claudius to Christianity and was subsequently condemned to death.

He was beaten with stones and clubs, before being beheaded outside the Flaminian Gate.

I’m sure you will agree that nothing says romance, like a good old fashioned beheading.

So, while you are panic buying overpriced chocolates and wilted roses that smell of diesel, from the petrol station at five o’clock, to save yourself from getting a beating, just spare a thought for the poor old sod that started it all.

Happy Valentines day!

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