Gender neutral school uniforms

Priory school, Lewes, in the UK, have jumped on the equality bandwagon by demanding that children start the new school year wearing gender neutral uniforms. firstly, give it a rest you snowflakes! More importantly, what was the big problem before? what was such a big problem that they have insisted to parents that they spend … Continue reading Gender neutral school uniforms

TV Licensing

Rants and Rhymes

I have reblogged this post in light of the BBC’s disgraceful plan to charge over 75’s for TV licences.

The TV license in the UK will rise to £154.50 from 1st April 2019.

It is however, not a licence to watch TV, as it misleadingly suggests. It is a licence to watch the propaganda channels that are the BBC. All two of them!

The rest of the day is filled up with more repeats, celebrity quiz shows, and the leftover bits of sport that were obviously not deemed worthy to be shown on Sky TV.

At the time of writing I have a choice of two programmes to watch, the “world track cycling championships” (repeated from yesterday). Or “Rick Stein’s long weekends”. (Repeated from 2016).

So what on earth do they spend the millions on? They probably need all the revenue to fund the TV detector police. Either that or…

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War crimes

Jeremy Corbyn was "shocked" and demanded that the ministry of defence find out who was responsible. Theresa May has called it "clearly unacceptable" despite having not seen the footage. Defence secretary Gavin Williamson said it was a 'troubling video". Conservative MP Tom Tugendhat, said the video was "disgraceful". Rory Stewart, Conservative minister for prisons, said … Continue reading War crimes