Coca Cola truck snubs Sheffield

Despite visiting nineteen cities and towns in the run up to Christmas, the ‘festive season highjackers’ Coca Cola, have announced that they will not be attempting to negotiate the streets of Sheffield this year.

A spokesperson said, “it would probably take too long to get through all of the out of sync traffic lights and nineteenth century one way systems, in time for Christmas.”

He added, “most of the roads are now double parked, and the ones that aren’t, are too narrow for our perfectly normal sized truck to pass, due to the miles of unused cycle lanes which appeared last year.”

Coca Cola have confirmed that they will now be spending two days in Leeds before blanking Britains Seventh largest city and moving on to Nottingham instead.

“It simply is not worth the hassle,” continued the spokesperson, “Santa himself would have problems finding a way through that road system, even if he was allowed to use the bus lanes.”

Coke have now added their name to the growing list of attractions that have boycotted the city. Others include ‘The great yorkshire run’ which has moved to Harrogate because of Sheffield councils greed, and any music band that is big enough to play the arena.

The council were unavailable for comment as half of them were stuck in traffic and the others were still waiting for a bus that didn’t turn up.

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