Comrade Corbyn

Jeremy Corbyn is a massive cock! How this overgrown hippy has managed to rise through the ranks of the labour party to become leader must be as big a mystery to what remains of his party members as is it is to me.

He is anti democratic, anti semitic, anti hygiene by the look of him, wandering around the streets of London with a carrier bag with God knows what in it, probably a shoe that he found and he is hoping to find another one so he can make a pair.

He lives under a bush! He does its true, literally, he can barely get through his door due to the overgrown foliage covering his hobbit hole.

His policies are those of a madman. He must lay awake in his sleeping bag thinking up bollocks to annoy everyone with.

Some of the things which he has promised to do, should he win the next election are at best fanciful.

He is going to set up an agency to boost employment rights.

He is going to cancel the school inspectorate OFSTED, to reduce stress amongst teachers and pupils.

He is going to give free social care to all elderly people.

His list is endless and unachievable, but he isn’t worried about it. He knows that he is so unlikely to be elected that he may as well promise everyone in the country a free unicorn when he becomes prime minister.

He was too frightened to vote for an election when he had the chance recently because he knows this himself.

He knows that he won’t stand a chance of winning, against a man whom even he himself considers to be a buffoon.

who would have ever thought that we would live in a world where Boris Johnson was the pick of the bunch to run the country?

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