Gender neutral school uniforms

Priory school, Lewes, in the UK, have jumped on the equality bandwagon by demanding that children start the new school year wearing gender neutral uniforms.

firstly, give it a rest you snowflakes!

More importantly, what was the big problem before?

what was such a big problem that they have insisted to parents that they spend hundreds more pounds on replacing their current uniforms?

On an equality note, I don’t suppose the parents of the boys will be required to go out and replace their trousers with skirts. I believe it is just the parents of the girls who are being penalised by being told to replace their skirts with trousers.

That doesn’t sound like equality, that has all the hallmarks of sexism.

This oppression could also by viewed as discrimination against transgender boys who have fought recently for their right to wear skirts.

A minority, (ah, there’s the magic word), choose, or have had chosen for them, a desire to be gender neutral, and that is their choice. But what about the rest? They have now had their right to choose not to be gender neutral taken away!

Whichever angle you view it from, this whim flies in the face of somebody’s right to choose and can therefore only be seen as oppression.

I can only assume that the head of priory school did not go on holiday this year so instead spent his break dreaming up ways to piss everyone else off. Either that or it may be him that has a personal problem with skirts. I assume he has been CRB checked?

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