Why I can’t go fishing

The cool summer breeze wafts gently by
While the mill pond shimmers with delight
Scent of primrose and lilac fill the nostrils
And dandelion seeds accept a ride

The stillness broken only by ‘kerplunk’
Of silent anglers casting out their bait
What better place to waste an afternoon
In silent contemplation of the world

But now the tranquil waters where I wait
No longer offer peacefulness to me
My wandering mind will take me to that day
I lost my child in such a senseless way

Taken in his youth and gone too soon
His bedroom door still open from last night
Ringing round his friends to see if he’s there
Come flooding back whenever I sit still

So I don’t see the Swallows as they play
The summer flowers have for me turned grey
This place I loved will taunt me evermore
That’s why I can’t go fishing anymore

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