War crimes

Jeremy Corbyn was “shocked” and demanded that the ministry of defence find out who was responsible.

Theresa May has called it “clearly unacceptable” despite having not seen the footage.

Defence secretary Gavin Williamson said it was a ‘troubling video”.

Conservative MP Tom Tugendhat, said the video was “disgraceful”.

Rory Stewart, Conservative minister for prisons, said that it was “completely wrong” and the behaviour was “outrageous”.

A Labour spokesperson said the footage was “alarming and unacceptable”.

The list of people crawling out of the woodwork to jump on the bandwagon and condemn these soldiers, is the only thing that is alarming.

Anyone would think that they had broken the Geneva convention or committed a war crime or some other atrocities.

They were on a firing range, using blanks to practice defending themselves against Afghan rebels who shoot live rounds at them, to try and kill them, every day.

Their only ‘crime’, was pinning a poster of Jeremy Corbyn over the target as a JOKE.

These boys are fighting in Afghanistan for God’s sake, they are risking their lives every day to defend Queen and country, they are getting shot at and blown up by landmines. If these boys do not deserve a little bit of light relief from the horrors of war every now and then, then I do not know who does.

Is what they did, any different to fastening a picture of a rival sports team, or an unpopular teacher, to the front of a dartboard and taking aim? You can buy dartboards with a picture of Donald Trump already printed on them, and you don’t get the snowflake brigade lining up to complain about that.

And really, who did it hurt?

All these bell ends who think it is a ‘disgrace’, should go and work with these boys for a couple of weeks and see if their own opinion of what is ‘outrageous’ behaviour, changes.

I have no idea how much a military investigation costs, but I’m sure that it won’t be cheap. Jeremy Corbyn needs to get a sense of humour and retract his demand for an inquiry. The money could be better used to help homeless ex servicemen and women.

Soldiers have one of the most difficult and traumatic jobs in the world, stop being arseholes and let them get on with it.

Unless you think that you could do it any better?

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