This old house

Peel off the wallpaper
Layer by layer
And step back in time
With every new tear

Read the room’s history
By turning the pages
One after the other
Step back through the ages

Last used for storage
And hung with blown vinyl
Kept boxes of memories
Which now seem so final

Before that a guest room
With chintz on the wall
But nobody stayed there
Nobody at all

Then the seventies patterns
I remember so well
Why my parents liked them
Is too hard to tell

The last sheet revealed
Rocket ships and the moon
From a time long forgotten
When this was my room

Now we’re back to the plaster
With remnants of paint
And a line drawn in pencil
With the words

‘Me, aged eight’.

3 thoughts on “This old house

  1. Thank you so much, it is written about my old bedroom. My parents lived in the same house all their married life, and my childhood bedroom has seen all these changes. The motivation however, came from a house i was helping to renovate, and the 70’s rocket wallpaper really was underneath. It started me wondering what had become of them.
    (I’m really too soft to be a builder)😊


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