Voyage of discovery

With false God’s to guide us
And ill winds behind us
The ship of life will dash against the rocks

But if you raise the storm sail
Calmer oceans soon will prevail
And you’ll safely steer her back into the docks

Then make some course revisions
Fill the hold with shrewd provisions
Set a course for tranquil waters up ahead

Nail your colours to the mast
Favourable winds will approach fast
And you’ll drift to peaceful harmony instead

3 thoughts on “Voyage of discovery

  1. Thanks nuthatch,
    Re my last post, although meant as a dig at uk politicians, I decided it was ill thought out, given the situation.
    I had some worryingly *’positive’ comments, and decided to delete it.


    1. Aah. I thought you might have interesting comments on that one. It’s always strange to me how hard it is for people to discuss touchy subjects with calmness and logic. Eh. I liked it anyway.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. That’s a great metaphor! I like how you write that it’s your own responsibility to wisely prep your ship and set your own course toward peace. Nice! And, if you feel like sharing… what happened to your New Zealand post? I was looking for it to see if you had any interesting comments…


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