Transgender sports wo/men

If you didn’t think this world could get any more piss bonkers, fucking looney toons than it already was, allow me to introduce Dr Rachel Mckinnon.

The bi-cycling “woman” has entered the record books as the first transgender world champion, after winning the womens track cycling world championships sprint in Los Angeles last year.

She would have won it by a greater distance, but unfortunately she got one of her bollocks caught under the saddle.

The fourteen stone, six foot tall, Canadian social justice vigilante has been stamping her size 12 boots amid accusations that she has an unfair advantage over her rivals. Of course she does, she’s a bloke.

It appears that anyone can “identify” as anything now, with everybody else being too scared to stand up and say what they are really thinking.

This is making a mockery of women’s sport, and it is cheating real (biological) women of the goals that they have worked towards all their lives. How can this person look into their soul and not feel that what they are doing is wrong.

While gender lines are becoming more and more blurred in this snowflake society, and despite what some people want to identify as, I think the presence of a Dick should be the definitive factor.

The picture below is of the actual medal ceremony from the event. Look at the winner and judge for yourself, and spare a thought for the fourth place competitor who walked away with nothing.

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