This has to be one of the best ideas yet.

Of all the options available for extracting gas, the government have deemed fracking to be a safe and viable way of achieving this.

Despite telling us for years, that wind, nuclear and solar power are the only way forward, they seem to have made a dramatic U-turn and granted licences to the big gas and oil companies

I wonder how the multi billion pound companies managed to persuade the councils concerned, to approve it? (Come on, you know it happens)

Hydraulic fracturing. That is its full name. Sounds a bit frightening doesn’t it. Maybe I have misunderstood the word fracturing;


  1. 1.break or cause to break.”the stone has fractured”synonyms:break, snap, crack, cleave, rupture, shatter, smash, smash to smithereens, fragment, splinter, split, separate, burst, blow out;

No, that’s what I thought it meant. Well maybe I am mistaken about what it is that they want to ‘fracture’?

The fucking world!

Are you serious?

There will be the possibility of water contamination, a 10% increase in methane gas in the atmosphere, oh, and the odd earthquake or two. There will be no benefit to the consumer, as experts already know that the UK industry will not grow large enough to have any effect on gas prices.

So who, in their wildest delusions thought that the benefits of this was worth taking the risk of destroying the planet? It must be worth it to somebody?

Thought you were safe? Take a look at the map below to see where licenses have been applied for.

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