TV Licensing

I have reblogged this post in light of the BBC’s disgraceful plan to charge over 75’s for TV licences.

The TV license in the UK will rise to £154.50 from 1st April 2019.

It is however, not a licence to watch TV, as it misleadingly suggests. It is a licence to watch the propaganda channels that are the BBC. All two of them!

The rest of the day is filled up with more repeats, celebrity quiz shows, and the leftover bits of sport that were obviously not deemed worthy to be shown on Sky TV.

At the time of writing I have a choice of two programmes to watch, the “world track cycling championships” (repeated from yesterday). Or “Rick Stein’s long weekends”. (Repeated from 2016).

So what on earth do they spend the millions on? They probably need all the revenue to fund the TV detector police. Either that or they are saving it all up for summer, so that they can all have a jolly jape at Chatsworth house. Running round the Derbyshire countryside filming yet another adaptation of Jane Eyre, or Pride and prejudice.

Now I know that a lot of people enjoy BBC programmes and actually want to watch them. And that is fine by me, if you want to watch it, you pay for it. But don’t demand that I help to pay for it when I don’t want to watch it.

The BBC is forced upon me, I didn’t ask for it, I don’t want it, I can’t cancel it and yet I get a demand for payment for it.

If you receive any other unsolicited products to your address along with a demand for payment, the law states that they may be treated as a gift. You are under no obligation to either return them or to pay for them, and I fail to see any difference at all with how the BBC operate.

You are ‘strong-armed’ into paying for it because they know that if it was marketed as a pay to view channel, priced at £154.50 for two channels, that nobody in their right mind would sign up for it. Certainly not enough to make it a viable business.

Abolish it now!

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