Birth of the colour photograph

It appeared in full colour as dark turned to light
A miraculous sight to see
A vision before us, an image so bright
That nobody thought could be

No longer will life be in just Black and white
The whole spectrum from under the sun
And hopefully, If the exposure is right
Then maybe these colours won’t run

A beautiful portrait a picture of health
A snapshot of life with one click
And this one will never be left on the shelf
Of the others she’s surely the pick

Keep her out of the light when she shines like a ray
Is much easier to say than to do
But she’ll have to come out of the darkroom some day
And you know she’ll be looking to you

So what she will be is too early to say
Keep her safe, keep her focused and sharp
And you’ll know where she is as the years fade away,
from the day when she stepped from the dark

For now though, that all seems a lifetime away
As you start on a journey through hell
There’ll be good there’ll be bad as you go on your way
But for now, “both developing well.”

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