Climate change

Roughly every one hundred thousand years, there has been an ice age. It will last for the next ninety thousand years and is always followed by ten thousand years of global warming.

This has probably been happening since time began, and has continued like clockwork for at least the last 470 million years so far, and nothing we can do will make the slightest bit of difference.

Homo sapiens, (that’s you and me, to me and you) have not even been around for most of them. We actually evolved out of one of the most dramatic climate changes 300,000 years ago. (So we can’t blame ourselves for that one.)

Since then, there have been three ice ages, followed by three global warmings, and all before the invention of the fridge and the motor car.

Spending your time hunched up over the kitchen sink, thrashing away with the soap, using all that water trying to get the last bit of marmite from the bottom of the jar, just so your council can send round a thirty ton diesel wagon to collect it, is not saving the environment.

We are lucky enough to be living during one of the planet’s warmer periods. Stop looking for reasons to beat yourselves up about it. Embrace it, if it means an extra two days of sunshine each year, go out and enjoy it!

It won’t last forever.

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