Knife amnesties

Two or three times every year, we are greeted on the TV, with the sight of some somber looking chief of police, standing over what appears to be the entire contents of someones kitchen drawer neatly layed out on the floor, while telling us that the latest knife amnesty has been another massive success.

Do they honestly think that the people who are handing in these knives, are the same people that would ever dream of using them as a weapon.

Thanks to Doris’ do gooder husband, she is now missing her butter knife, but for less than twenty quid, the murderers and muggers of this world can purchase anything from a working replica of a Bowie knife, to a blade from Lord of the rings, or game of thrones, and walk down the street waving it about.

I’m looking at you Scarborough.

And that’s only if you want something a bit flash. For less than a pound, you can buy a carving knife from just about every other shop in town.

So for God’s sake, stop wasting everyones time by pretending to be making one iota of difference by collecting fucking cheese graters from middle aged, middle class white folk.


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