Equity release

Or how to lose your house to the loan sharks and save you from the hassle of passing it on to your children.

So what sort of people would be callous enough to trick pensioners out their home? Step forward Carol Vorderman.

“Give us your house in exchange for a loan and we will let you continue to live in it rent free until you die. After that we will sell it and use the money from the sale, to pay back our loan, plus massive interest charges, and you won’t owe us a penny”

Wow, sounds great Carol, I can’t count because I am thick as two short planks but you’re clever and I trust you, so it must be a good deal.

This particular company have even admitted that they used Carol Vorderman in the adverts because old people trusted her.

Their Web site even has a ‘fantasy shopping list’ to give the gullible old fuckers ideas on what to spend their new found wealth on.

Carol is no more than a modern day Dick Turpin. The only difference being that Mr Turpin at least had the decency to wear a mask while he was robbing people.

Hang your head in shame.

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