NHS parking charges

Thanks to ‘anonymous’ for calling out the NHS trust, for this well deserved slating.

Over priced car parking charges, which have in some cases doubled in the last year, have been rightly called by some, ‘a tax on the sick.’

Nobody can deny that the NHS is currently overstretched, but trying to balance the books by preying on the sick and vulnerable while at the same time handing out free treatment and medication to the so called health tourists, seems a little wrong somehow.

And they know that everyone pays the ‘up to four hours’ fee, because that’s how long a 10 minute appointment can take now, because everyone in the queue in front of you is waiting for their interpreter, also paid for by the hospital.

It is obviously far easier for them to collect parking charges from sick people and their loved ones, to make money, than it would be to track down stolen crutches which they hand out willy nilly to all and sundry at fifteen quid a time.

What could be easier than operating a parking charge scheme? Well, what about an automatic number plate recognition system? That’s what is in operation in my town. At the children’s hospital of all places. Over stay your time there and you can look forward to a one hundred pound fine in the post.

We all know that the NHS are strapped for cash, but there are plenty of ways they could save themselves money before they start mugging people in the car park.

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