This boring shitfest would make a glass eye start to weep.

Both the BBC and ITV have milked this to death in an attempt to get their anti brexit points of view across.

I think I heard somewhere that if we leave with no deal, then there will be a 25% chance that the sun will instantly explode. Even if it does not, it is still unlikely that the self proclaimed king of Europe will allow us to breathe any of his air.

Does everyone that is predicting this apocalyptic end to the country, think that the world did not exist before 1973?

We were better off then, and we will be better off now.

But even if I am wrong, who now, in their right mind, would want to go crawling back to those bullying bastards after the shit way they have treated the UK.

They have only ever had their own interests at heart and they cannot stand to see their golden goose flying away.

I say we get our C.D collection back, put their shit outside on the pavement and change the locks on our doors.

One thought on “Brexit

  1. What about a few comments about the 5.50 per 3 hour parking charge we encounter at hospital car parks when we are in desperate need of immediate medical attention. Are we supposed to be put off going when we are in our hour of need but skint? Don’t we pay enough in taxes etc


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